Viva La Vape Guerilla Vaporizer Review

guerilla viva la vape review

When it comes to using a vaporizer, the first step you might take is with a pen-style vaporizer just so you can get used to how it works, what goes into maintaining it and they are usually a little more affordable. The next step in the progression usually includes a desktop vaporizer. These are a little larger, offer a better vapor, are usually operated without your hands, but they might cost you a little more. Most vaporizers that you can find in the desktop section of your favorite store will cost you between $80 and $200. Most of them come with plenty of accessories to get you going and really learning the process. While most of them are made to handle one type of material, you can get some that can take more than one.

That is where the Viva La Vape Guerrilla model comes into play. This convection style vaporizer is a very good, sturdy balloon style vaporizer that comes with a bunch of features worth checking out. One of the most important features of any vaporizer is whether you know what temperature it is at. Since all materials have different optimal heating temperatures, it is nice that the Viva La Vape Guerrilla has a digital thermometer display. Even a couple of degrees one way or the other and you could be missing out on the best vaporizer experience of your life. The vaporizer fills an attached balloon with a good, constant vapor that flows perfectly out of the heating chamber and can be enjoyed right after. The heating element is top of the line ceramic will get your vapor balloon filled in less than 3 minutes, making it one of the most popular desktop options on the market.

You may have been reading up on vaporizers recently as the popularity has grown a lot over the last few years. While doing so you might have noticed that there are two styles of heating elements that are typically installed inside the heating chamber. One is convection, while the other is a combustion style heating process. This model uses the convection style that gives you the best vapor you can get, but you are going to pay a little more for it. Accessories that come with the vaporizer include 3 balloons, 3 mouthpieces, surgical grade tubing, oil diffuser, aromatherapy oil, screen, 2 rubber o-rings and instructions on how to use the system. This accessory list is typical of most desktop units as the manufacturer wants to provide enough for you to get the hang of the product. Most of the accessories can be replaced via the internet.

Some of the key features that put the Viva La Vape Guerrilla above the rest would include a forced vapor balloon inhalation method, less than 10-inches in size and weighs less than 5 pounds. Some desktop models are portable and can be used in a car even, but this one requires an electrical outlet for constant power. Powered by 110v, the ceramic heating element does not take long to get up to your desired temperature. The temperature display allows you to keep an eye on the action the entire time ensuring you are going to get the best vaporizer experience ever. This model only comes in one color and is perfect if you want to upgrade to a desktop vaporizer for the first time. When comparing the Viva La Vape Guerrilla to other models you will quickly see the advantages of the balloon style vaporizer. Part of the reason it is a forced air unit is because it has to fill the balloon rather than allow you to draw directly from it through a whip.

If you are not familiar with using a balloon bag, you should make sure you do the research before you decide this is the right vaporizer for you. It is not quite the same as using a whip and mouthpiece like you do on the direct draw models and it can be a little tricky to use. With the right preparation you will be using it correctly and not wasting valuable vapor at the same time.