Vaporite Elevation Review

elevation by vaporite

If you are looking for a unique desktop vaporizer to upgrade to, you should check out the Vaporite Elevation vaporizer. You are starting to enjoy your vaporizer, but are ready for something more, but you do not know which direction to go. The Vaporite Elevation vaporizer is perfect for your first desktop model and has the features to keep you from regretting your purchase. This vaporizer is one of the most unique looking compared to other models that you see on the market today. It is packed with features that make your experience a better one and is not that bad when it comes to the price department. Upgrading from a pen-style vaporizer to a desktop option can be a hard choice to make, but if you read through what we have here, it might make your decision a little easier in the end.

One of the major advantages to a desktop unit is that most of them offer hands free vaping. This boosts your experience and gives you less to worry about. The Vaporite comes with some nice features that will also allow you to take your mind off things and enjoy yourself. The vaporizer comes with ceramic heating and a digital temperature display all packed into a durable wooden box. All you have to do is watch the temperature display and turn the knob if you need more heat and the rest is easy. Besides the ceramic heating element, you will also get an aromatherapy bulb for heating your oil materials.

Glass Water Pipes being involved using a desktop vaporizer is nothing new. When you look at many video streaming sites you will see all these different modifications that make it possible for the user to use GonG attachments which allows to connect any whip-style to be attached to the actually glass pipes while the vaporizer whip is in a position that will take advantage of the glass pipe to alter the experience to its maximal depth. Buying cheap glass pipes might be something to look into if you want to use a quality piece of glass.

Even though this model is considered a desktop unit, it measures just 8-inches tall and come with one vapor whip, 2 cleaning sticks, 1 power cord, 1 aromatherapy bulb, 1 replacement screen pack, 1 instruction manual and your limited warranty information card. The replacement screens are a nice touch, especially if you are a new vaporizer owner. Using the machine and getting used to all of the maintenance and other features is easier when an accessory pack is included in the price of the unit. The Vaporite is compatible with materials, oils and waxes, so you can enjoy every type of vape material with just one unit. With this unit you can enjoy a long vape session with ease and really only have to worry about filling the machine. Once the materials are heated, the vapor is ready for you to inhale via the direct draw method. The Vaporite Elevation vaporizer plugs into standard 110v outlet.

Using this hands free, desktop unit is easy and because you are heating your materials up with a ceramic heating element, you do not have to worry about any bad substances entering your body. You get a nice even burn and that also helps to get a smooth draw from your brand new vaporizer. The wood frame is durable and allows for extra grip when you plan to transport the device. Most of the consumers that would pay for the Vaporite would have to agree that the digital temperature readout is the best feature.

If you are ready to upgrade from a pen-style vaporizer and are not sure what to get, take a look at some of the desktop options that are offered, like the Vaporite Elevation vaporizer. Once you see the features, know you have space to enjoy it comfortably and realize you are getting this fine piece of product for less than $100, you will never go back to anything else. Pen-style vaporizers are nice when you are on the go, but they are only good for so long. If you are planning to be home for a while and want to enjoy a hard hitting, smooth draw vaporizer, get a desktop model and go from there. Drawing through vinyl tubing allows the vapor to cool before it gets to you and that keeps you from coughing. You still might experience the dry throat that is typical of using a vaporizer, but that can be helped by using menthol cough drops at the same time.