Phantom Vaporizer Review

phantom vaporizer review

Most people are seen using a pen-style vaporizer these days, but there is a reason that is what you see. The vaporizer they have when they are at home is not one that you would think they would be carrying down the street. Desktop vaporizers are getting more popular with those that use the pen-style and want to upgrade to something a little more efficient. Desktop vaporizers are a little larger than your personal, portable vaporizer, but usually smaller than your toaster. There is one vaporizer that looks cool and has a cool name and that is the Phantom. Easy to operate, easy to clean and easy to set the temperature are all things that regular vaporizer users look for in a new unit. The Phantom is compatible with blends and is the perfect fit for your desktop or counter top.

This one looks similar to the Volcano Classic vaporizer, but it has more upgrades making it an easy buyer decision. With so many knockoff vaporizers on the market today, you really have to pay attention to what you are getting because you do not want to waste your money or materials with something that does not perform well. The Phantom is made right here in the United States and that is something that you can be proud of. Just like many other vaporizers on the market, this one is exceptionally easy to use and is really something that is hands free allowing you to enjoy your vape session. According to the factory specs, it will reach temperatures between 200 and 400 degrees in a just a few minutes. This model is another balloon bag model, so you should make sure you know what you are doing before you decide this is the vaporizer that you want to go with.

With a ceramic heating chamber and cool design, the Phantom is going to offer you one of the best vapors that you have ever tried. Because this is one that will fill the balloon with vapors, all you have to do is set the temperature and let the balloon up. The balloon is easy to use simply by attaching the bag to a tube and attach it to the whip and you are set to go. The Phantom model comes with an almost silent air pump technology so you can barely hear it as it fills your balloon up with vapor. The Phantom can be yours for less than $160 and for that price you also get easy valves for the balloons, 5 clear balloons, instructions and the digital clock volcano base. This model also comes with a free grinder if it is something that you use often.

If you are not sure that the Phantom is the vaporizer that will work the best for you, take a look at the reviews online and see what others are saying about the unit. When compared to the Volcano model, the Phantom does not have the most accurate temperature control and the display is really just for looks. The Volcano on the other hand has the more accurate digital temperature display and control giving you the most control over the burning of your materials and the resulting vapors. The balloon style vaporizer is hard to control and if you are not careful can be a pain in the neck when they are leaking. If you are not one to mess with the balloons, there are plenty of other vaporizers on the market that do not include the balloons and where you can just directly draw with a whip.

Handheld vaporizers are easy to use and perfect when you are on the go, but when you are just chilling at home, there is no reason why you cannot upgrade to the desktop models. For less than $200 you can hook yourself up with something that is durable, has glass accessories, comes with extras and has a ceramic heating chamber, so why settle for anything else? If you are serious about vaping, then you have to take it seriously and get the best that you can in order to enjoy the experience to the full extent.