Baker Dab Vaporizer Review

baker dab vaporizer

At first you might be scared away when it comes to upgrading to a desktop vaporizer because of the size that some of the units are. As long as you have a 12-inch square of space, you can hook up a desktop option and enjoy it without any problems. With that being said, there is one vaporizer that is considered a desktop model, but it is quite small when you take a step back and look at it. This vaporizer is made by Vaporblunt, is called the Baker Vaporizer and is one of the most popular vaporizers in the world. This super portable, yet perfect for desktop model is small and sophisticated as well. The heat control is out of this world and is a very viable option when looking to upgrade from a pen-style vaporizer for the first time.

Baker Vaporizer Kit

Most of the time when it comes to a desktop vaporizer, besides size, users want to be able to control the heat as much as possible. Because all materials will produce vapor at different temperatures, it is key to have complete control over how the unit heats up. The Baker Vaporizer comes with a digital display allowing you full control over your vapor. Having better control over the vaporizer temperature allows your materials to last longer as well, which is a bonus. According to the spec sheet, the Baker Vaporizer will produce 800 degree temperatures in less than 90 seconds make it one of the fastest, hottest vaporizers on the market right now. The Baker Vaporizer offers many good features including a ceramic heating element, stainless steel chamber, digital display, A/C wall adapter, 14mm PonG adapter, 14mmGonG adapter and an all glass globe attachment. You can get all of this, plus the accessories listed below for just more than $200.

When you buy the desktop vaporizer you will be getting the unit, 14mm and 18mm whip adapters, glass dome, full metal jacket attachment, cleaning brush, dab pick, mouthpiece, storage pouch and the instruction manual so you can teach yourself how to use it. We mentioned the overall size before and once you see this thing you are going to agree that it might be the smallest on the market. It measures only 3.5-inches tall and about 5-inches wide. The small size should not deter you from buying thinking that it cannot be used efficiently. The small size and the effective production from the temperature control and heating element maximize the amount of vapor that you can get from oils, waxes and other dry materials. Make sure you read the instructions carefully for optimal heating temperatures for each of the materials.

Just like with all of the other styles of vaporizers, it will need to be cleaned at some point. The regular cleaning schedule can greatly improve the production of your vaporizer as well as keep any bacteria and fungus from growing and really messing with your vaporizer experience. With this small unit, you are able to take it apart in order to make sure that all parts are cleaned properly. Because the vaporizer is powered by your electricity you want to make sure you do not put water directly into the unit to clean it. The attachments can be soaked in soapy water to clean them or rubbing alcohol if you have it available. Use the included brush to deep clean and then you can allow it to air dry before you plug it in and use it again.

Using the Baker Vaporizer is very easy and outlined in the instruction manual if you need to look at that to get things going. The process is quite simple and starts with putting your dry materials on the ceramic heating element and press the button to get started. Right away you will notice the temperature climb and when you see that they lights are not flashing the desired temperature has been met and you can use the vaporizer. From this point forward you just have to watch the digital readout and make sure you maintain the proper temperature for whatever material you are using.