All You Need To Know About Desktop Vaporizers

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Desktop vaporizers are the original and premium vaporizers that you can use in so many different ways. When it comes down to desktop vaporizers, there’s unlimited use with the vaporization sessions you need since you plug the vaporizer up to the wall to get the most out of the vaporization. When you want to do different types of vaping styles, the desktop vaporizer is by far the best type of vaporizer to have fun with depending on the type of mood you’re in. The Desktop vaporizer pricing range can go from $40 – $1000 depending on the type and quality desktop vaporizer you want to buy. But when you shop around, you may want to look for exclusive accessories to go with desktop vaporizer. One important accessory to buy is called a 18mm GonG attachment, you plug the glass  whip to the 18mm glass wand, a part of the gonG adapter. This will alow you to use this vaporizer with any cheap glass pipe or glass water bong which will further the progress and experience for vaping to cool off your lungs. Glass bong adapters are becoming more important using glass pipes and there are many cheap glass pipes for sale online.


With the rapidly growing technology in desktop vaporizers there’s so many beneficial advancements in new vaporizer technology that makes the entire vaporization process very pure and the best experience you would ever want. When look for a quality desktop vaporizer, you need to take some things into consideration, for instance, when you look inside and see the internal process of vaporization, make sure it uses glass-on-glass vaping path. Glass vaporizers are the purest and most clean type of vaporizer. You don’t want a vaporizer that includes any type of plastics or metals near the vaping point or in the vapor path, you’ll be able to taste the characteristics of those types of vaporizer parts that contain metal or plastic. There’s some types of vaporizers that use stainless steel vaporizer paths and from experience, these aren’t the best vapor path vaporizers to use since you taste a very metallic taste. When you’re vaping, you never want to taste any type of unpleasent taste, the whole reason for what you’re doing is to finally get a taste you haven’t had before.

When you’re smoking, you never actually get to truly ever taste the real taste of what you’re vaping with, with a vaporizer you do. These days vaporizers are all made using ceramic glass. There has been to many reviews on vaping in the past years that all the manufacturers stopped making anything that’ll alter the taste of the vaporization of your botanical. A true vaporizer will never alter any type of taste, all it will do is create strong potency and very flavorful taste. Overall, vaping is one of the best ways to go rather than using any type of combustion method. With all the new technology coming out for desktop vaporizers, consumers have it easy when vaping. OLED and LCD technology make it to where you can precisely set the temperature of your vaporizer to the exact Fahrenheit level which will make it very easy to know what temperature will work best for you. Temperature comfort vary’s from different herbs or concentrates depending on the density and moisture level. You want to always make sure you have the best type of vaporization point period so you may have to alter the temperature if you get new herbs or if your herbs dry out to much.

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These are the most popular type of desktop vaporizers that people love. When you have a whip-style vaporizer it contains a vaporizer with a heating rod to where the silicone tube, wand and whip attach directly to it and the heating rod will propel heat from inhalation to the herbs where the whip is and vaporize the botanical from your herbs. This method uses all glass inside the whip and usually the wand is made out of glass and the silcone tube is medical grade, heat-safe material which won’t alter the taste of vaping. You simply set the temperature depending how advanced the vaporizer is, it will either have no setting alterations, a dial, OLED screen or an LCD screen. Desktop vaporizers can get so advanced that some are called smart desktop vaporizers and have technology to where you can know the precise current temperature, set timers, set puff counts, know how many pulls you have left, know how long your session will last, set how long the session will last and have so many different types of variables and some will even tell you when all the botanical is extracted, this is where the price dramatically increases for a desktop vaporizer. Nevertheless, the price won’t really matter. Overall, the desktop vaporizer will pay for itself over time and will never leave you disappointed.


There’s desktop vaporizers that have a convection fan powered heating system to where it attaches a balloon bag to the heating rod and the fan will propel the heat into the botanical and extract it into vapor which will force the vapor and air into the balloon bag through a valve which will be extracted in the bag. These types of vaporizers are very popular as well and are more expensive since fan generated vaporizers require more technology. Balloon bag style vaporizers are one of the best to own, you can store the vapor in the balloon for periods of up to 8 hours which makes it a very convenient thing to have when you take pulls and use your medicinal purposes throughout the day. This type of vaporizer is great for people that are home most of the time or in the office for long periods of time and need to medicate often. Vapor has no odor to it so some people carry their balloon bags into the office in a backpack and are well medicated all day without having to turn on any type of machine which makes it one of the better methods of vaporization for anyone that likes this type of vaping style.

When basing your decision if you need to buy a desktop vaporizer there’s the two popular stles; whip style and balloon bag style. These two types are great at-home vaporizers as you already learned they plug up into an electrical outlet so they’re perfect for house party’s or gathering’s. Every vapor enthusiast eventually buys a new desktop vaporizer since it is one of the better quality of vaporization and a more reliable method.